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ECE 202 Unit IV Notes

In this Unit, The following points are Discussed:

  • Classification of memories
  • RAM organization – Write operation –Read operation
  • Memory cycle – Timing wave forms
  • Memory decoding – Memory expansion
  • Static RAM Cell – Bipolar RAM cell – MOSFET RAM cell – Dynamic RAM cell
  • ROM organization – PROM –EPROM – EEPROM – EAPROM

Download ECE 202 Unit 4 Notes

Download ECE 202 Programmable Logic Devices


ECE202 Unit III Counters Registers

Dear Students,

From this Counters & Registers unit the following concepts were Discussed.

  • RS, JK, JK Master-Slave
  • D, T flip – flops
  • Level triggering and edge triggering
  • Excitation tables
  • Asynchronous, Synchronous counters
  • Modulus counters
  • Ring counter
  • Johnson counter
  • Timing waveforms
  • Counter Applications
  • Registers – Shift register
  • Universal shift register
  • Sequential Logic Design
  • Basic models of sequential machines
  • State table state diagram
  • State reduction through partitioning
  • Introduction to asynchronous sequential logic design

Download Ch 5 Synchronous Sequential logic PPT

Download Ch 6 Registers and Counters PPT

Download Unit III Flip Flops Notes

Download Unit III Counter Notes

Download Shift registers Notes

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ECE202 Unit I Number Systems & Boolean Algebra

From the First Chapter Following Points were discussed.

  • Numbering Systems
  • binary, octal, hexadecimal number systems
  • representation of signed numbers (Complements)
  • floating point numbers
  • BCD – ASCII  – EBCDIC – Excess 3 codes – gray code
  • Error detecting and Correcting codes
  • Boolean Algebra – Postulates and theorems of Boolean Algebra
  • canonical forms
  • simplification of logic functions using K–map
  • Quine McClusky method

Download Ch 1 Digital Logic Design.pps

Download Ch 2 boolean Algebra and Logic gates.pps

Download Ch 3 Gate Level minimization.pps

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